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Smoke Screen

Our Smoke Screen system is designed to remove the primary sense of sight and in doing so defend property and defeat intruders and burglars. A Smoke Screen system can stop the burglary in seconds by completely obscuring the premises, meaning thieves have no option but to flee empty handed. Security fog is a highly effective method of loss prevention

IMG_9134It’s simple – what the thieves can’t see, they can’t steal.
The security smoke itself is guaranteed totally safe and leaves no residue – it will not have any adverse affect on your stock. AES CCTV & Security are approved Installers of the Consept Smoke Screen system in the north east.

Here’s how smoke screen works, When your alarm system is triggered by an intruder or a personal attack button is pressed, the smoke screen fills the area with dense smoke forcing intruders to leave.The smoke generator is normally mounted in the ceiling space. It can be refilled with ease after discharge
Installing a smoke screen system gives many benefits:

  • The smoke is in the safest possible band for human breathing.
  • The smoke disperses extremely slowly – 9mm/hour .
  • The smoke categorically will not leave contamination or damage your property.
  • The introduction of security fog to an area is both violent and confrontational – exactly what a burglar does not want. In his mind, the time he has to complete his task is deteriorating rapidly, but more importantly, he can no longer see what he came to steal. THIEVES CAN’T STEAL WHAT THEY CAN’T SEE!

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