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Service & Maintenance


It is highly recommended that your security system is serviced at least once a year to maintain and ensure the correct working order of all equipment and also to minimise and identify any possible false alarm problems which may occur.

By subscribing to one of our maintenance contracts we can help you to ensure that your security system stays up and running, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year.

All AES CCTV Security & Fire Ltd maintenance plans will include the following.

One visit to your premises at the end of every twelve months in order to carry out preventative maintenance in accordance with the European Regulations.

The provision of an AES after-hours call-out engineer facility should you require out of hours assistance.

Every annual preventative maintenance visit includes the following checks:

  • Check installation, location and sitting of all equipment and devices against specification.
  • Check operation of all detection devices.
  • Inspect all flexible connections.
  • Check mains and stand-by battery power supplies, including charging rates.
  • Check control unit for correct operation.
  • Check remote signalling equipment physical connections.
  • Test remote signalling equipment communications to the alarm-receiving centre. (Applicable to monitored alarm systems only)
  • Check all audible warning and alarm devices and provide an engineer’s report.